Control de Acceso Vehicular


BioTrackoffers a complete line of products that use UHF (Ultra High Frequency) for controlling vehicle access.
Common problems of traditional systems:
Control Vehicular
  • You have to wind down the window to have the card read. This is no fun in bad weather (rain, snow, cold, etc.).
  • It can also be unsafe, given that you have to stop your vehicle and wind the window down — often in the street or other public areas.
  • Proximity cards are easily lost or stolen and may be used by strangers to get in.
  • Before you can use the proximity card, you have to find it, which often means hunting for it in your wallet, under the seat and so on. They are easy to mislay.
  • In places where there is a steady stream of vehicles, the above problems can make for a long wait to get in.
BioTrack: Vehicle Access Solutions:

Our automated system for controlling vehicular access means authorized users can get in without putting themselves at risk by using proximity cards. Such cards are easily lost or stolen and may be used by strangers to get in.

No need to stop the vehicle or to wind down the window to swipe the card. With BioTrack, a sticker placed on the inside of the windshield is read from 5 meters away. Alternatively, a PVC card can be used instead of the sticker. The card can be read in the same way and within the same range as the sticker.

Control Vehicular

Our system also comes with software that can be used to activate or deactivate users at any time. The software has many features and among other things, can generate daily reports on vehicle entry and exit times. In addition, the system can be set so that any given user or group of users can only enter the facilities at certain times and/or on certain days.

Advantages of BioTrack products:
  • No need to wind down the window to swipe a proximity card.
  • No need to stop the vehicle at the security gate.
  • Stickers cannot be switched. Any attempt to peel off the sticker and use it on another vehicle will render the sticker useless.
  • Automatic, easy entry by means of a sticker that stays where you put it (on the windshield).
  • Fast, easy access control for a large number of vehicles.
General features of the devices:

The system works with almost every kind of vehicle barrier, electric gate, electric lock, motor-operated gate etc found in the market.

If you do not already have a gate-opening system, you can choose from the many available in the market or fit it to your existing gate.

The components of the solution are:

UHF Reader

Lector UHF
  • This device reads the sticker placed on the inside of the windshield. The sticker's in-built antenna means it can be read from 5 meters away.
  • The reader is weather-proofed and works just as well in the sun or rain.
  • The UHF reader connects to the access control panel via a 'Wiegand' connection.

UHF Desktop Reader

Lector UHF de Escritorio
  • This device connects to the computer via the USB port. Its main function is to read PVC stickers and cards so that they can quickly be entered in the system (thus leaving the main UHF reader free to carry out gate control). It is used only for convenience and is not essential to the solution.
  • If you choose not to have this useful accessory, new users will have to be added to the system by bringing the sticker or card within range of the main UHF reader at the gate.

Radio Frequency Tags

Etiqueta UHF
  • Each user must carry one for identification. There are two options.
      • Sticker: place on the vehicle's windshield.
      • PVC UHF card: a windshield-mounted card-holder can be purchased separately. You can print on the cards using a specialized card printer.

Access Control Panel

Panel de Control
  • The access control panel acts as the system's 'brain'. It ties the UHF reader in with all the accessories, such as the entry barrier, locks, manual release button, sensors, etc.
  • Each access control panel can control up to 4 gates. A 'gate' refers to either a pedestrian access (for example, a door with an electromagnetic lock) or to a vehicle barrier (a barrier or garage door, for example).
  • The access control panel has a TCP/IP port which connects to the local network, where all the admin is carried out using the solution-supplied software.

USB to Serial Converter

  • This accessory allows the UHF reader to be hooked up to a computer for the initial setup (the UHF reader is usually connected to the access control panel and not directly to the computer).
  • Regardless of the number of UHF readers bought, you only need one USB to Serial converter. The same converter can be used for multiple installations or projects, so instead of buying one for each project, just make sure you include it in your first purchase.
Simultaneous Two-Factor Authentication: Driver and Vehicle:

Etiqueta y Tarjeta UHF

The system provides the option of performing a double check on both the vehicle and the person associated with that vehicle.

The two ID elements used for this purpose are: (1) the vehicle's windshield sticker; (2) the vehicle user's PVC high frequency card (same type as the sticker).

Gate authentication will fail unless vehicle and user match.

Authentication will only take place when the sticker/card pair give a simultaneous match.

If desired, a vehicle may be associated with several drivers and/or a driver with several vehicles.

For convenience, a windshield card holder for the driver's PVC card can be mounted alongside the vehicle sticker. When the driver leaves the vehicle, he can easily remove the card and take it with him.

Additional Accessories:

There is often pedestrian access next to vehicle barriers. Control over pedestrian access is often also desirable. The same access control panel for the vehicle barrier can also be connected to the lock on a door for pedestrians. All elements can be controlled from the same software using a single database linking vehicles and people. To learn more about controlling people access click here.

Video cameras can also be incorporated in the solution if you wish so. For example, one can place a camera at the vehicle entrance and/or exit and enable recording triggered by certain events, such as the opening of the barrier or gate for pedestrian access. For more information about our video surveillance solutions for integrated access control click here.