BioTrack offers a complete line of products using fingerprint or facial recognition to bring people access control to restricted or sensitive areas.
Frequent problems of traditional systems:
Passwords and cards can be easily shared and exchanged.
Employees forget passwords and lose cards.
Replacing cards is expensive and time-consuming.
BioTrack Solutions for Access Control:

Employees place a finger on the fingerprint reader (or through facial recognition), and it verifies if they may enter or not. If employees have access, the device sends signal to the door lock, which will open, letting them in (Simple Access Control).

You can install the device on one door or several for various doors, and create a single access control network that controls all doors from the same computer.

Devices that use Professional Access Control allow employee access only during a predetermined schedule (only on certain days and at certain hours), or they may grant them access to only some of the doors but not others. For more information on the devices with this feature, see the comparative table.

Advantages of using BioTrack products
  • Avoid manual data analysis. The system generates reports, graphs, and detailed statistics of the records made by employees.
  • Stop wasting money and time on cards.
  • Convenient cost.
  • Easy installation and management. Easy to use for your employees.
  • You can view detailed reports of people and the times when they were admitted to certain areas.
General features of devices:

Along with the fingerprint reader, every device includes an administrator program for the analysis of collected data. The user may define any parameters needed, set schedules, observe any movements, generate reports and graphs from the data gathered from the employees, etc.

With the same program, users can manage multiple BioTrack devices, even if they are of different types.

The readers remain connected to a computer permanently through a serial or network cable*, or work independently to then download the information with a USB memory.

Employees can access using their fingerprint or through facial recognition*. Other alternatives are proximity cards (the clock includes a proximity card reader) or entering a password on its keyboard*.

*Only present in certain models.

Access Control Accesories:

You can install different types of locks and accessories to the devices. We have full line of locks and accessories according to your specific needs.


To learn more about the locks and accessories you can install with BioTrack, click on the following link:

Introducción a las Cerraduras
Locks Introduction