It is a web application hosted on an external web server. This service is known as ADMS (Automatic Data Master Server).

Each time an employee makes a record on the device, this information is sent over the Internet to the centralized server. No need to install any software application locally because the device sends information directly. If the connection disrupts, information will be sent automatically and without user intervention when it is restored.

You can connect multiple devices located in different areas and even in different countries. All information is consolidated into a single database and can be accessed from a computer (via a website), a tablet or even a cell phone.

This solution is ideal when going to manage multiple devices and all are located in different geographical locations.

It is the most used and popular solution. It is a desktop application (for Windows) it can be used for complete device management, employees, schedules, records and reports.

BioAdmin can be used for Time & Attendance and Access Control devices.

It can be installed on a server within a local network and add all the workstations that are required, all within the same local network.

This solution is ideal when handling one or more devices but all located and managed in the same locality.

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